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The Leader in Non-Woven Fabrics

Leader in Non-Woven Fabrics

At Sinecera, we ensure, our products satisfy the customers according to their respective industries. Having gained customers across the industries – medical, agriculture, shopping, packaging, etc we deliver the best in what we produce.

The non-woven fabric manufactured by Sinecera is of great quality with the advanced machine being used for its production. The fabric is produced in various colours as per the demand of the customers and also in various sizes (inches), custom-made for the easy use of customers.

Being India’s leading manufacturer of non-woven products, Sinecera is known for a diverse variety of products, ranging from printed, plain, hydrophilic PP spun bond non-woven.

We offer our clients with a wide variety of fabrics with a width of 1.6meter in a variety of shades and colours. Offered at competent rates, we have the ability to deliver these fabrics in various specifications to meet our clients’ needs. Our products have been acclaimed in the international market and endorsed by a national authority for their time tested quality, durability and customer-friendly aspect.

Sinecera- A spectrum of products

Our manufacturing process is flexible enough to produce products that have managed to find their application in a variety of industries. Some of our products are used for hygiene such as medical masks, diapers, and sanitary pads, while others are used in the manufacture of water, coffee and tea bags, in the construction of canals and drainage systems, as geo-membrane covers to protect crops from frost, to insulate and pack medical products, in the tacking of quilts, pillows and mattress, in carpets, in the automobile industry for covering upholstery and household linen. Our products have found their way through mailing envelopes, and bags that range from ordinary shopping bags to sturdy rice bags, and suitcase covers.

Whatever be the need of the industry, Sinecera ensures it is met-with on top priority. Sinecera is a trademark for quality, flexibility, durability and reliability.